Hardwood Wall Panels, created using CNC and Laser Cutting technology.

 Using sections left over from commercial furniture making projects, set aside due to imperfections, we wanted to celebrate their rich character. ‘Stitching' together these offcuts, we began producing hardwood wall panels.

We 3D mill soft undulations into the timber that are reminiscent of rippling fabric. The pieces are then crafted using a laser cutter, which scorches a pattern onto the surface. Etching with heat, line by line, it ignites and burns the low points and exaggerates the grain of the timber. The laser cutter’s precision is in contrast with the natural irregularities of the timber, which reinsert the variable of chance. There is a huge element of incident in our processes, which makes these pieces really exciting to make. 

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Sycamore & Elm Panels  |  For Flow Gallery 2023


Recently we’ve been thinking about the relationship between patching in furniture and textiles. In both cases the patching process serves a similar purpose of reinforcing and enhancing. The act of patching acknowledges the imperfections and flaws of materials.

We’ve been using patches in our panel and furniture pieces to make use of flawed timber that would otherwise be scrapped. By patching together smaller pieces to create larger panels we are able to make use of all our beautifil offcuts.


We use 3D modelling software to design our fluid surfaces, translating these onto our timber blanks with CNC 3D milling machinery.

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