Tables made using CNC technology and traditional hand tools, working with the natural grain of the timber. 

One Board Table

For this piece we work with a single exquisite board. We want the raw character of the timber not only to inform but to dominate the aesthetic outcome. With approximately nine strategic cuts, we form the foundation of a table, with a blend of sharp and raw edges. We assemble these pieces without the use of glue, opting for brass hardware to secure the three pieces of timber together.

The most crucial aspect of this piece is that each iteration will remain unique. While future pieces will adhere to a specific visual language and construction method, none will be identical, as the source material plays such a critical role in shaping the form.

Lead time - 2 - 3 weeks
Each piece will be unique. Please get in touch to discuss timber options.



ONE BOARD TABLE   |   Sycamore I

ONE BOARD TABLE   |   Sycamore II

ONE BOARD TABLE   |   Sycamore III

Waney Edge Table   |   I

Lead time - 1 - 2 month

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